We run as a collective of massage therapists working cooperatively to create an accessible model of massage therapy.

There are so many benefits of regular massage; it sustains us physically, emotionally and energetically. Research shows it to have beneficial effects on the circulation, respiratory functioning, the nervous system, the lymphatic system, digestive organs, joint mobility and the skin. As an important aspect of self-maintenance and support we believe it should be affordable for all.

In the current climate of austerity, most massage providers within the NHS have been cut, and those that remain are reserved for cancer patients and the terminally ill. Patients struggling with chronic health conditions are no longer able to access free massage therapy.

The poorest in our society are more likely to encounter stress and chronic health issues. Our project addresses this injustice by increasing access to professional massage therapy for the most disadvantaged people in society. We believe high quality healthcare is a human right.

We practice a multi-bed system at our clinics. We have two or three massage spaces set up in the same room, with a screen to separate them and make some privacy for those undressing for oil-based massages. We believe offering massage in this communal way creates an open and relaxed space, and can encourage a deeper collective experience of healing.